Roonagh Pier & Clew Bay

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Roonagh point is 28 km, which is just a 30-minute drive from the town of Westport. From this point, there are plenty of ferries such as O’Malley Ferries that can take you around to see Clew Bay and bring you to Clare Island. From the pier to Clare Island is only 5km and many tourists and visitors report back that the Ferry right is a very enjoyable and interesting experience. Sailing through Clew Bay is a very enjoyable experience and is a great way to get some fresh air.

There is so much to see around Clew Bay including 365 islands to be seen and explored including John Lennon’s Island which is an island that was bought by John Lennon from the Beatles. It is said that John bought the island to use as a hideaway and frequently visited it to get away from the craziness that came along with being such a famous celebrity. There is also a colony of seals that can be spotted hunting and playing in the water around Clew Bay.

There is also plenty of rich history to be learned about the area as it was home to the famous pirate queen Grace O’Malley. Grace was a fearsome pirate and leader as she captained many men who were aboard her ship.

She grew up around the area and during her conquest defended her home and territory from the British. Many of her castles can be seen around Clew Bay. There are also scenes of many battles and shipwrecks around the area of Clew Bay which shows you how much history lies within such a small area.