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Macalla Farm
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Macalla Farm


Clare Island is famous for its nature and gorgeous scenery from its spectacular cliffs to the north of the island to the breathtaking views of clew bay. It is known as one of the most amazing places to visit in mayo. Clare Island is the perfect area to visit if you are looking to get away from the noise of the modern world and look to explore and experience some nature. A trip to Clare Island to some of the fresh sea air in your lungs and enjoy some stunning scenery.


There is plenty to do on the Island such as walkways which are great for exploring the island and getting some exercise at the same time. Cycling is also a very popular activity as people love to glide along the routes while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The topography of the island varies so there are many different routes you can take that are suitable for all levels of fitness.


Many who take the ferry in to come to visit the island love to go kayaking. The sheltered island is the perfect place to safely get out in the water and explore the coast. Kayaking is great exercise and tremendous fun as you paddle through the ocean while enjoying the stunning scenery and taking in the fresh sea air. Clare Island Adventure instructors will be right by your side every step of the way to ensure you’re given an experience you won’t forget.

Clew Bay Bike Trail

The Clew Bay Bike Trail is a mixture of cycling and ferry journeys. The route brings you around Clew Bay and offers stunning views of the coastline. This cycling route is perfect for you if you are looking for a day out in nature and to have some fun. The trail will take you to Clare Island and Achill Island and gives you a chance to cycle along the Great Western Greenway Path which is one of the most famous and beautiful cycling routes in Ireland.

The Clew Bay Bike Trail is also perfect for bringing your family on a day out. It makes for a great day trip when you visit Mayo and there are plenty of rest stops to have a picnic while you take the gorgeous coastline. There are also plenty of restaurants and pubs for mom and dad if you wish to stop and have a drink along the way.

If you don’t have a bike that’s no problem at all. There are plenty of places where you can rent bicycles such as Westport Bike Hire where you can rent bikes for yourself and your family for the day. You can also hire electric bikes which are great for inexperienced cyclists as the bike will do most of the work for you. This allows you to relax a bit more and simply enjoy the journey and nature around you while you take in plenty of fresh air.

The cycling distance of the entire route is 81km, however, if you feel that might be too much for you to handle there is an optional 10km loop on Clare Island which many people find easy enough. The route is perfect for people who want to get some exercise outdoors, however, there are no steep hills which make it suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Macalla Farm

Macalla Farm, formerly known as Clare Island Retreat Centre, is a small family run retreat centre and working organic farm.

Macalla farm is passionate about yoga, mindfulness, food and horses. The wide range of residential activities available include Clare Island yoga retreats, which integrate a deep awareness of both body and mind, mindfulness and cooking retreats, which explores our relationship with food as well as one of a kind activities combining Clare Island yoga and mindfulness with horses.

This beautiful farm includes dramatic sea cliffs, upland and bog, vegetable gardens and polytunnels and a native woodland.


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